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Why Expunge your Record?

The Internet has made the world a smaller place. People can easily and quickly access information that forty years ago would have been hard to find or even inaccessible. This is usually helpful but sometimes, for certain people, it can create problems. Employers, when you are applying for a job, can use the internet to access criminal databases that shed light on areas of your distant past. Seeking employment is difficult enough but applying for jobs with a criminal record can put you out of the game. If they find previous arrests or convictions, they can choose to pass on hiring you for their company.

Not only does having a criminal record limit your job options, but it can also limit your rights as a citizen in the United States. With certain convictions on your record you are unable to vote, run for public office or receive certain licenses. Without the right to vote, you are left out on one of the most important aspects of our government, choosing representatives for local government all the way to federal government. Being left out of this process limits your power immensely. Additionally certain professional licenses such as barbering, attorney, education, real estate agent or mortgage broker and more may not be possible to receive. Also, if you have been convicted of a felony, you are not able to carry a handgun.

After a conviction, it can be hard to recover. Finding a job is difficult enough, let alone finding a job with a criminal history. Luckily, Indiana has made it possible to have a fresh in the community as of 2013. Depending on your conviction, you can file a petition for expungement and have your record wiped clean and your criminal history hidden from future employers. You rights as a citizen will also be reinstated and it will become illegal for you to be discriminated against for your expunged convictions when applying for jobs.

The process of filing for a petition can be tedious so its important to have a knowledgeable attorney represent you to ensure your record is wiped clean. It is also important to note that you only have one opportunity in your lifetime to apply for expungement. This means the first time around needs to be precise and accurate otherwise you could miss out on the opportunity to have a clean record. Be sure to check out the other pages on the website to find more information about getting your record expunged.

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